Which Class Can We Choose In PSO2 New Genesis?

The first thing we considered after entering PSO2 New Genesis was to consider the issue of playing that class. Here is an introduction to the 6 classes in this game, which can help you to better choose a suitable class.

Can We Change The Class?

PSO2 New Genesis allows players to change their classes almost any time they wish, but they must be in specific locations first. Players just have to find a certain NPC in the main hub.

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The Hunter – perfect class for beginners

What Can The Hunter Do?

The Hunter class provides an engaging suggestion of playability, movement, and also damage, and makes it complicated for you to find a far better class later on.

You Must Accept The Certainty

Unfortunately, the class is not as maneuverable as others, but it is better armored.

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The Fighter – Mobile damage and spectacular combos

The Difference Between Fighter And Hunter

The fighters play more or less like the hunters, but are faster and master devastating attacks. They don’t take quite as much damage, but they move light-footed and can therefore dodge better. Hunters rely on double daggers, double swords, and their fists in combat.

Advantages: He is agile and has strong attacks. He is very effective in aerial combat.

Disadvantages: The class has weaker armor and you have to dodge strong attacks

The Ranger – Heavy damage at a great distance

How Does The Ranger Play?

If you want to keep your distance from your opponents and kill them from a distance, the Ranger is for you. You can use either rifles or rocket launchers and use them to do extreme damage from a safe distance.

Advantages: it is deadly from a great distance and perfect for keeping your backs clear.

Disadvantages: As soon as the opponents come near you, you are vulnerable and you cannot take much.

The Gunner – Difficult To Play

The Gunner class is a little difficult to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. Gunner mainly relies on a very fast style of play and behaves more like close-range fighters than long-range fighters.

Advantage: He plays incredibly dynamic and fun while you rush across the battlefield.

Disadvantage: The way of playing is not easy to learn.

The Force – Strong area attacks wreak havoc on the battlefield

What Is The Force?

Normally for PSO2, there are likewise some magician-like classes. Power is the class for gamers who as if making use of techs.

Advantages: It causes high damage on the battlefield.

Disadvantage: You have to keep your distance from your opponents at all times

The Techter – supports the other players but also does good damage

What Does The Techter Offer?

The Techter is the real assistance course in PSO2 New Genesis. Your main job is actually to support the remainder of the team – yet don’t presume now that you can’t shield yourself. Techers make use of a variety of item skill-sets and also specialists that adequately work damages.

Advantages: Supports groups and also cause damage to opponents

Disadvantages: Damage is not comparable to the Force class

When we choose to change the class, we must consider that this may waste a lot of PSO2 NGS Meseta, so when we enter the game, we must carefully choose a suitable class.

How To Fix The Error Code In PSO2 New Genesis?

When we enter the game, we always encounter various errors. If these errors cannot be resolved, we will not be able to continue to enjoy the game. Similarly, when we enter PSO2 New Genesis, we will encounter some errors, so how do we solve the problems encountered? Below are some error codes in Phantasy Star Online 2 and the repair methods when these errors occur. Through this guide, we can solve most of the problems encountered in PSO2.

Error code 103: this indicates a patch connection error, or it may also be that the latest version could not be downloaded, the reasons for this problem may be in the Windows internet protocol, to solve it is necessary to disable it IPv6, for this we will go to the network or Wi-Fi icon in the tray menu, with the right button of the mouse we open the center of networks and shared resources, we will change the configuration of the adapter, going through the properties, we uncheck internet protocol version 6, and we accept.

The error code 230: consists of an error related to our DNS of the modem or router, which blocks the ports and its solution is to check our internet connection and try to play Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis again.

The error code 242: as for How to fix all the error codes, this is related to the cancellation of our account, which cannot be registered again, so you have to create a new account and search for a new session with it.

The error code 249: means that the game is under maintenance, this is something that happens every two weeks, what we will do is check the current status when this error occurs in the official Twitter account, only waiting until it ends maintenance.

The error code 602: this does not have much explanation about the reasons why it occurs, you just have to use the repair restaurant that will do a scan and ends up replacing the files that are missing or corrupt.

The 603 code: the reason this is presented is very strange, we can only solve it with our SAGA ID in lowercase.

The error code 649: this is related to the servers, which are seen in maintenance, to check it we will go through the official Twitter account, there must be an official announcement about it, so the solution is to wait until the service is resumed.

When we encounter errors, the above solutions can help us solve the problem quickly, and then we can continue to enjoy the game. In addition, we can also purchase PSO2 NGS Meseta to strengthen our character, so that we can enjoy this game better.

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Several Tricks To Master The Combat System In PSO2 New Genesis

We need to know that there are many changes in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and players can experience more in-depth character customization and faster-paced battles. However, many players cannot adapt to the new combat system. Below we will introduce some techniques to help you better master the combat system.

Increase Battle Power

A new feature in New Genesis, Battle Power (BP) serves as a numerical basis of a character’s combat potential based on a variety of factors. Players should note their current BP level at all times. A player can raise their BP by Leveling Up, using Skill Points, equipping stronger and enhanced gear, and even awakening their weapon’s potential. The higher the player’s BP, the more access they have to their build’s full potential.

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Use Skills Suitable For The Character

Gamers will see that on top of their Class Skills, they likewise have Character Skills that carry over regardless of their Class Pairing. These give gamers access to some boosted mobility, combat, and utility abilities. Players need to make the most of Character Skills that match their general playstyle.

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Use Multi-Weapon

The Multi-Weapon system serves as an additional brand-new enhancement to New Genesis. This system resembles PSO2’s Scion Class system, where a Scion Class like the Hero can use Swords and Twin Machine Guns at the same time.

When furnished, players no longer need to manually switch over tools to utilize their particular palettes. A Multi-Weapon allows players to slot in regular strikes, Weapon Actions, and Photon Arts from both tools right into a solitary palette. In the right-hand men, Multi-Weapons can considerably accelerate a character’s playstyle, fully optimizing their builds’ offerings.

Mobility, Defense Matters

As with PSO2, New Genesis puts a lot of emphasis on movement to ensure successful combat. Now that New Genesis boasts far better graphics and also streamlined gameplay, combat is also reliant on just how characters dodge and also defend against adversary strikes.

Defense makes mobility and also protection much easier with their Weapon Actions. Each Weapon Action uses different methods for personalities to safeguard themselves. As an example, the Guard (Sword) can obstruct strikes and also outright negate them when caused right before an assault hits. On the other hand, the Stylish Roll (TMGs) enable characters to evade attacks on the ground, in mid-air, and also while capturing.

Get Familiar With Counters

Aside from dodging and blocking, New Genesis also allows players to counterattack. Depending upon the Weapon, players can negate or outright return fire versus hostile enemies. Gamers require to look for counter possibilities within their toolkit and also include them right into their playstyle to maximize their damage outcome.

Position Is Key To Domination

Similar to other 3D MMOs, positioning becomes an integral component of combat in New Genesis. Opponents do rely upon view as well as targeting to select which players to strike. It’s even more reason for events and also even solo gamers to be cautious of where they’re positioned when battling.

In event arrangements, containers need to ensure they restore aggro sufficient that adversaries constantly look to them. DPS players require to dish out just enough damage to kill their targets without swiping aggro from the container. These standard MMO placing strategies still work in New Genesis and also they have become even more relevant as a result of the high-speed nature of the video game.

Melee Combat Has A Combo System

This time around, New Genesis gives players access to a combo system. All melee weapons have a basic four-attack chain that deals basic damage to opponents.

When a melee class (Hunter, Fighter) unlocks the “Attack Extra” Skill, their weapon of choice gains the fifth attack. This attack dishes out a powerful basic attack with the same power level as a Photon Art. Depending on the weapon, this fifth attack can become a finisher or be canceled into a movement option.

Ranged Combat Relies On Distance

Marksmen trade the safety of distance with the skill ceiling involved when trying to shoot targets from afar. New Genesis simulates this predicament for ranged combat. When using any ranged weapon, characters need to consider distance to maximize their damage.

Finally, we can buy PSO2 NGS Meseta to strengthen the weapons in the game, which allows us to have more powerful combat effectiveness.

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What Can I Buy With Seasonal Points In Phantasy Star Online 2?

Sega held a new event after the release of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Before August 4, players can use various methods to earn season points, and then use these points to purchase various items in the game.

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Emperor Xian is found by the stairs bring about the Great Tower of Zhongcheng. To make seasonal factors for consumption in her shop, you need to plant them, and also the best method is to finish any kind of jobs that award them and plant beasts in the PSO2 NGS Meseta relevant PSE Burst location. You can earn up to 99,999 weekly, and also the occasion will last for four weeks.

What To Buy From Xi’an?

All this is great, you can gain seasonal points, yet if you get the wrong one, after that all your time will be wasted. Knowing which items deserve buying is the key to not mistreating your hard-earned points.


There are two types of cosmetics to pick from for this occasion. After consumption, the player can acquire a new stamp showing these two adorable tame monsters embracing a heart. It is very adorable, with only 5000 seasonal points, if you like its appearance, it deserves buying.

PSO2 New Genesis Seasonal Points Cosmetics

An additional cosmetic product offered is Twinkling Ribbon accessories. This is a hairband that can be used to somewhat customize the look of your character. Once more, it only has 5000 season points, so if you think it matches your character’s aesthetic, please do not hesitate to buy it.

Star Gem

You can utilize 1000 seasonal points get 20-star gems to utilize in PSO2 New Genesis. Star Gems are made use of in the SG store and also can be accessed using the store switch on the major menu. In this store, you can purchase a selection of things, such as products that raise uncommon decline rates as well as beauty salon masquerades custom characters.

Pso2 New Genesis Season Points Star Jewel

This is not the worst deal, but it is also not the best deal. I suggest you check the SG store and see all the things available. If nothing else, it may be worth buying an N-Rare Drop Rate [24h] +50%. These can be used on the day the new boss is released to greatly increase the chance of rare drops. Considering that these unique items tend to be expensive on the first day, it is necessary to make a serious N-Meseta.

Gleason Weapon Series

Lots of gamers are delighted about the new weapon series introduced this anniversary. The Glissen weapon is a three-star rare weapon and the very first weapon with important incentives in New Genesis. They can be bought from Xiandy with 10,000 seasonal points. For weakly billed opponents, Glissen weapons will certainly cause additional damages. Nevertheless, against enemies that are not weak, average four-star tools perform far better.

PSO2 New Genesis Seasonal Points Glissen Weapon

This series is not so good. Although Glissen is best at fighting specific enemies, it is not worth using N-Meseta or N-Grinders to upgrade them. Most players should purchase Resurgir weapons related to their profession and then create more versatile multi-weapons. Or, if you want DPS, the performance of the upgraded Straga weapon is comparable to Glissen. Even if you want to try Glissen weapons, I suggest you polish the PSE Burst area. Spending seasonal points on these is wasteful.

Photon Block/Photon Quartz

Both Photon Chunk and Photon Quartz are used to upgrade equipment and manufacture enhanced material ores. They are very useful, and it is never a bad idea to reserve them. Photon Chunk can be purchased with 500 season points each, while Photon Quartz requires 300 season points.

Phantasy Star Online 2: How To Unlock And Equip Subclass?

Your subclass is a 2nd class that you can include along with your primary course and also you can acquire EXP for it at the same time as your major. This enables you to not just multi-task leveling approximately a certain level, yet likewise, utilize stats and also photon art skills from that subclass to enhance your gameplay.

Let’s introduce to you how to unlock and equip Subclass in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis:

Unlock Subclass

First, you have to hit level 20 in any class in PSO2 and then go speak to Administrator Cofy at the East Quest Counter.

What Cofy is going to ask you to do is defeat two adversaries, Garango and also Fordodan. The simplest means to knock these out is just to finish complimentary area goals from the quest counter till you encounter them. You might alternatively do Ark Quests too.

The Garango can be found on Forest Free Field maps, while the Fordodan can be found on Volcanic Cavern Free Field maps. Note that they aren’t as common as your average enemy but you will eventually encounter them if you keep clearing out enemies.

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Equip Subclass

Return to the class counter after completing the subclass task. Hit Change Class, and now, since you’re all done with the quest, the ability to select and change your subclass will be opened up. You can select any class that you have unlocked so far.

Finally, we can use PSO2 New Genesis Meseta to quickly upgrade and strengthen our Subclass, and at the same time, we can use these currencies to strengthen our equipment.

Ongoing Events In Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

After the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, this game has launched many activities. Now, these activities are in progress. Let’s introduce these activities to you.

My Battle Power Campaign

My Battle Power Campaign

Take a screenshot of your character’s Battle Power and Tweet it during the campaign period for a chance to win an SG 200 Ticket (x1) and a Salon Free Pass (x1)!

Activity Time

06/23 12:00 PM (Asia/Shanghai) – 07/07 10:59 PM (Asia/Shanghai)

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/battlepower20210622

Ac Purchase Campaign

Ac Purchase Campaign

During this campaign, players who purchase a total of 500 AC or more will receive an N-Color-Change Pass as a present!

Activity Time

From the end of the scheduled maintenance on Jun/23 01:00 Los Angeles/America until the beginning of the scheduled maintenance on Jul/06 07:00 PMLos Angeles/America

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/accampaogn20210622

Sonic’s Birthday 2021

Sonic's Birthday 2021

June 23rd is the birthday of Sega’s popular character, Sonic!

Activity Time

Begins: After the maintenance on Jun/23 01:00 Los Angeles/America

Ends: Before the maintenance on Jun/29 07:00 PMLos Angeles/America

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/Birthday2021

PSO2 New Genesis Rocket Start Campaigns

PSO2 New Genesis Rocket Start Campaigns

Story Clear Campaign

Complete the Story of PSO2 NEW GENESIS during the period and receive Gift Items!

Activity time

From the end of maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 07/07 (Asia/Shanghai)

Level-Up Campaign

Achieve a certain Class Level with any Class in PSO2 NEW GENESIS during the period and receive Gift Items!

Activity time

From the end of maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 07/07 (Asia/Shanghai)

Friend Request Campaign

Add users to your Friend List in PSO2 NEW GENESIS during the period and receive gift items later!

Activity time

From the end of maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 07/07 (Asia/Shanghai)

Join an Alliance Campaign

Join an Alliance during the period and receive items later!

Activity time

From the end of maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 07/07 (Asia/Shanghai)

NGS Launch Celebration Login Bonus

Login Bonus distribution will start to celebrate the PSO2 NEW GENESIS service launch!
You can receive Login Bonuses for 7 days each from Part1 and Part2 by logging in to PSO2 NEW GENESIS during the period, so don’t miss out!

Activity time

Login Bonus Part 1 Distribution Period

From the end of maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 06/23 (Asia/Shanghai)

Login Bonus Part 2 Distribution Period

From the end of maintenance on 06/23 (Asia/Shanghai) until the start of maintenance on 07/07 (Asia/Shanghai)

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/campaign20210608

Windows 10 And Xbox One Incentives!

Windows 10 And Xbox One Incentives!

Log in to PSO2 NEW GENESIS from Windows 10 or Xbox One during the campaign period to receive amazing gifts!

Activity time

After the End of Scheduled Maintenance on 06/09 (Asia/Shanghai) until 09/01 03:59 PM (Asia/Shanghai)

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/Incentives0608

Pso2 New Genesis First Time Login Incentives

Pso2 New Genesis First Time Login Incentives

To celebrate the launch of PSO2 NEW GENESIS, the first time you log in to PSO2 NEW GENESIS from Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, or the Epic Games Store, you’ll receive different exciting gifts for each platform.

Activity time

After the end of Scheduled Maintenance on June 9, 2021 (Wednesday)

Event Details: https://ngs.pso2.com/news/events/LoginIncentives0608

When we complete the above activities, we can get a lot of PSO2 New Genesis Meseta, which can help us become strong quickly.

How To Get Cocoons In Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis?

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, as you explore Central Aelio, you might run into some massive cubes, this is Cocoons. You can use Cocoons to get skill points, which can quickly increase your Battle Power.

What Are The Cocoons In Pso2 New Genesis?

The cocoon is a special hexagonal structure in “PSO2”. Players can use the cocoon to gain skill points.

To note, the challenges that are found inside of the Cocoons focus on aspects of PSO2 New Genesis like combat, movement, and more.

Where Can Players Find Cocoons?

Where Can Players Find Cocoons?

There are a total of eight known Cocoon locations in PSO2 New Genesis. The current known locations of the Cocoons are as follows:

  • Northern Central Aelio
  • Southwest of Halphana Plains
  • South of Mt. Magnus
  • North of Vanford Laboratory
  • At the top of Mt. Piccolt
  • South of Crykau Hills
  • North of North Aelio (East of the Altolani Plateau)
  • Under the Waterfall at Balflow Falls (South Aelio)

How Do Players Quickly Find Cocoons?

  • First Step: The first Cocoon is located simply northeast of Central City in PSO2 New Genesis, and players will be sent to it during The First Trial quest.
  • Enhanced Enemy: This Cocoon is to the west of Central City, and fans will go there as part of the Advice from Liu Lin II quest.
  • Wild Rush: Players will require to arrive at Mt. Piccolt for this Cocoon, and they should dispatch 42 enemies as soon as within.
  • Runway: This Cocoon is inside of the cavern, and gamers will discover its entryway behind a waterfall east of the Balflow Falls.
  • Test Flight: PSO2 characters need to glide from the northwest peninsula to the little island simply off the coast to access this Cocoon.
  • Roaring Rush: The sixth Cocoon is near the southwest corner of the map, just below Crykau Hills.
  • Swift Jump: Another simple Cocoon to go to, as players can see it out in the open north of the Halphana Wetlands.
  • Fleeting Fight: Fans can find the last Cocoon an island due south of Halphia Lake.

Through the above guide, we can learn where to get Cocoon quickly, which can help us quickly complete the upgrade of skills, and then get more PSO2 Meseta.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis: About Hunters’ Skills And Recommended Weapons

There are 6 classes to choose from in “Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis“, among which “Hunters” is a powerful “tanks”, though that’s typically more in terms of having high HP and Defense and lots of ways to mitigate damage more than taking threat or aggro from enemy mobs. Let’s introduce the Hunters in “Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis” for you, so that we will be able to better complete our character creation.

Hunter – the close-range tank

Hunters are a good beginner class for new players. There is still some space for those who want to play skillfully though through timing-based Class Skill such as Avenger and Perfect Parry.

Hunter Skill Tree

War Cry (ウォークライ): [Active Skill] Draws the attention of nearby enemies. For a set time, enemies you hit are more likely to target you. Main Class.

Massive Hunter (Hunter Physique) (マッシブハンター): [Active Skill] Temporarily reduces damage taken, and stops you from being launched or knocked back by enemy attacks.

Flash Guard (フラッシュカード): Reduces damage taken.

Iron Will (アイアンウィル): An incapacitating attack will leave you with 1 HP, and a moment of invulnerability when this skill is triggered. Main Class.

All Guard (Omnidirectional Guard) (オールガード): Guarding with a Hunter Weapon Action will protect you from attacks from all directions.

Slow Landing Charge (Slow Landing Charge-Hu) (ローランディングチャージ・Hu): Slows fall speed when charging a Hunter weapon Photon Art.

Hunter Arts Avenger (フォトンアーツアヴェンジ): Taking a hit within a set time of using a Hunter weapon Photon Art increases that Photon Art’s power.

Hunter Arts Perfect Parry (ハンターアーツジャストパリング): Negates enemy attacks when you release a Hunter weapon Photon Art.

Hunter Arts Avenger PP Gain: Recovers PP upon a successful Photon Arts Avenger.

Sword Attack Extra (ソードアタックエクストラ): You can string 5 Normal Attacks with a Sword.

Wired Lances Extra Attack (Wired Attack Extra) (ワイヤードランスアタックエクストラ): Allows you to perform a 5-step Normal Attack combo with Wired Lances.

Same Arts Skip Attack (Same Arts Skip Attack-Hunter) (テックアーツスキップアタック・ハンター): After successively using the same PA with the same Hunter weapon, your next Normal Attack will the third step in that weapon’s combo.

Tech Arts Skip Attack (Another Arts Skip Attack-Hunter) (セイムアーツスキップアタック・ハンター–): After successively using different PAs with the same Hunter weapon, your next Normal Attack will be the fourth step in that weapon’s combo. If the combo has fewer than four steps, it will be the final step.

Sword Guard Counter (ソードガードカウンター): When you have a Sword equipped, performing a Perfect Guard with weapon action will automatically unleash a counter.

Sword Guard Counter Plus (ソードガードカウンタープラス): When equipped with a Sword, performing a Perfect Guard with Sword Guard and following it with a Normal Attack will unleash a counter.

Wired Anchor Advanced (ワイヤードアンカーアドバンス): With Wired Lances equipped, inputting a direction will change your Weapon Action.

Wired Anchor Perfect Guard (ワイヤードアンカージャストパリング): With Wired Lances equipped, Weapon Actions will negate enemy attacks.

Volgraptor (Volkraptor) (ヴォルグラプター): With a Partisan equipped, pressing and holding the Weapon Action button will unleash a photon spear that stores damage. That photon spear will then explode if a certain amount of time passes or you deal a certain amount of damage.

Assault Charge (アサルトチャージ): With a Partisan equipped, hitting the Weapon Action button at just the right time during a Photon Art will unleash a chargeable thrust attack

Assault Charge Avenger (アサルトチャージアヴェンジ): When Hunter Arts Avenger is activated, performing an assault charge with that PA will increase its power.

Equippable Weapons:

WeaponsWeapon descriptionWeapon Action
SwordsEasy to use short-range weapons, generally suited for one-on-one fightsA guarding action that reduces damage taken
PartisansA medium-range weapon that focuses on rapid strikesA parry that can guard on perfect timing and be used between attacks
Wired LancesA medium-range weapon that focuses on using wide-arcing strikes all around the HunterA grapple that pulls you towards the enemy and deal some damage

Based on the above content, we can well complete the creation of a hunter character, and we can also purchase PSO2 NGS Meseta to strengthen our character.

The Best Builds In Path Of Exile Ultimatum League

In the Path of Exile, each class can be equipped with any skill gem, which provides many possibilities for choosing a class. This means that you can choose any profession and build according to your game style. However, your choice will affect the development of your character, so we should be more careful to create our buildings.

If you are not particularly familiar with Path of Exile, you can choose to find suitable buildings in community resources. Below we will recommend a few buildings suitable for the Path of Exile Ultimatum league.

Poison Blade Vortex Build —— Assassin

The Shadow class excels at dexterity, translating to fast movement as well as attack speed, with a high opportunity to dodge attacks or deal critical damage, relying on your specialization. We located the Assassin ascendancy to be an interesting choice as an offensive class concentrated on critical hits as well as poison-themed skills.

As the name implies, the Poison Blade Vortex build profit from this damage. It’s additionally based upon Blade Vortex, a skill gem that produces flying blades that orbit around the character for a couple of seconds. This, obviously, can be piled multiple times, increasing the duration and also damage concurrently.

Poison Blade Vortex Assassin Build Guide

Carrion Golem Build —— Elementalist

The Witch will certainly end up being a Necromancer, Occultist, or Elementalist through its ascendancies. Each increase upon the bonus offers to Intelligence the class has from scratch, yet fewer points worldwide are cooler than golems, so we chose the Elementalist.

The Carrion Golem build begins using the ability of the very same name, mobilizing a creature that can strike individually as well as will certainly depend on its feet longer than your normal zombie minion. You still want to have both specters and also zombies in your celebration though considering that the golems benefit from having them in the team too. The ascendancy passive skills you choose will certainly focus on the huge individuals, nevertheless.

Carrion Golems Elementalist Build

Toxic Rain Build —— Deadeye

Toxic Rain has been a popular skill gem for the Duelist and Ranger subclasses across multiple leagues. This class excels at projectile skills and that’s exactly what we’ll need for the build at hand.

The title of the skill is instead obvious: while making use of bows, the character will terminate arrows into the air, creating them to drizzle down on the targeted area. Additionally, projectiles hitting the ground result in so-called spore pods, dealing chaos damage in time as well as slowing down the movement speed of affected enemies.

Toxic Rain Pathfinder Build

Here are a few of the most commonly used buildings, but there are many advantageous buildings in each Path of Exile league. If these cannot meet your needs, I have found more excellent buildings with Path of Exile 3.14 on PoeCurrency.gg.

Path Of Exile Tools: Trading Sites And Tools

After we enter Path of Exile, many items need to be obtained through transactions, such as Poe maps, Poe currency, etc. So we need some websites and tools for trading Poe items. Below are some Path of Exile trading websites and tools.

Path of Exile Map Trading Website

End-game material in Path of Exile is based on farming maps. You will certainly not get the accessibility to all tier maps at one so you need to farm low-level maps after that add problems to have a possibility to get better maps. All this process can be lengthy and puzzling, that’s why many gamers choose to buy maps instead of farming them on reduced maps.

  • Poe.ninja Bulk Map Purchasing – Website to purchase maps in bulk. Players can sell maps at the same time.
  • poemap.live – Website that simplifies and allows trading maps.

Path of Exile Trading Sites

How to Buy / Sell on POE

Trade is a vital part of video games. Typically at the beginning of a league in Path of Exile, you require to discover a starter build that will certainly help you farm the currency needed to purchase gear for a far better build. Likewise, you will certainly loot excellent items of gear that you will have the ability to sell to other players for currency. So you will trade a lot as well as to make this procedure easier you can use among the web sites listed below.

  • Official Path of Exile Trade Site – official trade site.
  • Poe.trade – one of the most popular 3rd party trade sites.
  • EzNpc – the best PoE currency provider. You can buy safe and cheap currency over here. The most reasonable price for PC, Xbox One, PS4.

Path of Exile Trading Tools

Essential PoE Tools

In addition to PoE trading websites, you can utilize trading tools in-game while playing to find out the rate of the product you have in your bag. Several of the devices permit you to see this info without the requirement to disturb the game and more.

  • Awakened PoE Trade – Path of Exile trading app for price checking while in the game.
  • PoE Overlay – An Overlay for Path of Exile. Blends in with the game. Built with Electron and Angular.
  • Lunaris – Yet Another Path of Exile Trade ‘Macro’ that uses the official website.
  • Path of Accounting – Lookup utility for PoE is a replacement of TradeMacro that utilizes PoE’s Official API.
  • PoE Trades Companion – Enhances your trading experience in Path of Exile. Highly customizable.
  • poeprices.info – A simple tool to price check your items in Path of Exile by “copy and paste”.
  • SlimTrade – An PoE overlay that creates macro popups for trade messages.
  • Poe-Lurker – Poe Lurker is a trade manager meant to ease the trading experience for Path of Exile.
  • PoE Tab Appraiser – A stash tab price checker for the game Path of Exile
  • DeadlyTrade – Trade notifies, Overlay, Timers, Map & Region Info, Real-Time Ninja Currency, and more.

After we enter Path of Exile, we will definitely use these tools. Using these tools, we can more easily complete the transaction of Poe items.

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