NeverSink’s itemfilter – version 7.10.0 – Heist League

Update the content:

  • NOTE: new items mostly come with purple map icons/beams.
  • Retiered the rare T1/T2/T3/T4 entries using a new tool!
  • Retiered all uniques, divination cards, currencies etc, preparing them for the new league!
  • Added heist gear, brooches, cloaks and tools. Each of these come in multiple sets of 4 items. Added a tierlist for every tool, for both magic/normal and rare. The T1/T2 heist items are highlighted more. I have no way of knowing how rare they are and if it makes sense highlighting some magic/normal ones, so expect a lot of updates. You can also adjust everything on FilterBlade
  • Added Heist Targets – they look like quest items, which they kinda are.
  • Added contracts – for now all non-unique contracts look the same. They come with a new map icon
  • Added blueprints – for now all non-unique contracts look the same. They come with a new map icon
  • Added a section for unique contracts/blueprints
  • Added a minimal highlight section for replica uniques. These will likely get a tierlist in the future.
  • Added a minimal highlight section for alternative quality gems.
  • Added all the new divination cards. There’s a small section for the 4 divination cards, where we don’t know the outcome yet.
  • Added the “official teal-bex-approved” divination card tier!
  • Added a section for “experimental gear”. These seem to come in 3 tiers. T1 has a separate section.
  • Added a section for the exclusive heist enchantments.
  • Added a section for the heist currencies (markers + lens + the new orbs)(You can buy POE currency at ZenPC)
  • Added several smol sections, such as a section for corrupted jewel with a corrupted implicit etc.
  • Several other changes and optimizations to many parts of filter(blade)


SourceDescription (DOWNLOAD)Recommended way of downloading the filter. Has support for all strictness, styles and economy versions! Includes overview, explanations and a loot simulator. Experienced users can also edit filters there comfortably and merge their changes into new versions. Always up-to-date!
POE site filter listYou can subscribe to my POE filter account to receive auto-updates. However, you can’t customize these and it has no style support! Come in SC/HC economy versions.
GitHubMostly for developers: you can also get the filters from GitHub! There’s a SC, HC and stable/static branch

Filter and Styleversions:

NrNameShort Description
0SoftShows too much. Includes low crafting bases, magic jewellery in the endgame. Not recommended for regular gameplay.
1RegularShows a lot. Recommended for beginners, new leagues and slow-clearing gameplay. Shows all rares. Good for chaos recipes.
2Semi-StrictHealthy balance. Great for new leagues and beginners and medium-speed endgame gameplay. Hides the worst rares. Good for chaos recipes.
3StrictHides bad-base rares and scrolls in the endgame. Disables most recipes. Recommended endgame strictness.
4Very StrictHides most rares, scrolls, augments, armourers. Good for the endgame and for farming once your character is well equipped.
5Uber StrictHides all low currencies and rares. Great for speed-farming, once you have a highly optimized build and atlas! Hides maps of tier 10 and lower.
6Uber+ StrictShows too little. Sterile screen. Hides all kind of stuff, including mediocre divination cards, all kind of crafting material etc. Recommended for high-speed clearing, once your character is top tier geared, your atlas complete and optimized and you’re breezing through maps very fast! Hides maps of tier 13 and lower.

Published by Path of Exile

This is Claus Oliver, I am 27 years old, love all kinds of sports and meanwhile, I am an enthusiast of various video games, and I like collecting various items in all kinds of games like players, gold, gil, coins, weapons, armor! In spare time I like reading, gaming, and programming. If we have some common hobbies I think we could be very good friends. My site offers all kinds of video games accessories, items, gears, and latest updates, guides and tips. Here you can find your favorite game's guideline and buy all items at a much cheaper price in a legit method.

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