Path of Exile:Heist League Guide (PoE Heist 3.12)


This Heist league guide aims to teach you how to pull off the perfect heist, make the most out of your hard-earned currency, level up your rogue companions efficiently and understand the whole concept of the 3.12 challenge league in general.

Heist Markers:

These markers are a new type of currency, which will represent the back-bone of the league mechanic. They are used to create a portal to the “Rogue Harbour” (the new main-hub for the league mechanic specific NPCs), hire specialists to assist you on your heists and acquire Intel for the planned heists or grand-heists. They can also be used to buy contracts, similarly to Zana’s Map Shop, in the Rogue Harbour itself.

You will also be paid for the artifacts that you… “obtain”, during your contracts and blueprints, in heist markers when you return them to the Rogue Harbour.

Their main usage is to unlock wings and intelligence for the “Grand-Heist” encounters. Those cost a very high amount of Heist Markers, so make sure to save up a ton of them beforehand or incrementally unlock the blueprints, instead of doing them all at once.


Contracts (read: Heists) are map-like items that require a certain amount of Specialist (read: Rogue Companions) stats to fully explore. They will be the major piece of content that players will interact with in this league.

Many of the mods that will be applied to a contract, via the typical map crafting using the standard Path of Exile currencies, such as chaos orbs, will be very familiar to every player that has accessed the end-game mapping system before. However, some new, exclusive, modifiers have also been added to the contract-specific pool that can be rolled on each contract.

One such modifier would, for example, be: “Patrolling Monsters deal X% increased damage”. How many of these special modifiers there are and to what extent they will branch out, we currently do not know, but it is worth it to keep in mind for the league launch to double-check each contract’s mods for potentially dangerous or rewarding ones.

At the moment they seem to drop very frequenetly in maps of any tier. At white-tier, you will get an average of around 2 contracts per map.

To run a Contract, you’ll need to take it to Adiyah, the Wayfinder in the Rogue Harbour. You’ll pay her a sum of markers to arrange the Heist, allowing you to select which specialised Rogue you’d like to take with you and handle transportation.

If you want to get more money, you can buy POE currency directly over the Internet.


Blueprints are the big, end-game reward system for this league. They will represent the Grand-Heists, which will require a larger crew of Specialists, more highly skilled ones, as well as a lot more preparation and time investment in general.

To run a Grand Heist, you’ll need to pay Whakano, the Barber in markers for the intel he’s received from your earlier Heists. This intel can reveal escape routes, reward rooms and more. Reveal as much as you desire (or as much as you can afford) and then take the Blueprint to the Planning Room in the Rogue Harbour, where Kurai, the Administrator will help you arrange which NPCs you’d like to take with you and confirm the Blueprint.

There are also some gameplay differences between Contracts and Blueprints but the main difference is that Contracts (read: Heists) lay the groundwork for Grand Heists (read: Blueprints) and yield Markers and other regular Path of Exile items as rewards, while Grand Heists yield exclusive rewards. These can include Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems, Rare Body Armour and Weapons with enchantments, Experimented Base Types and Replica Unique items. Be aware that Grand-Heists, due to them granting exclusive rewards, do not offer Artifacts at the end of their individual wings. This results in them being a major Heist Marker sink, as you will regain essentially no markers whatsoever, except for the stacks of 30 or so that drop on some unique mobs that get killed during the heist.

Note that you may also skip the “revealing” process entirely for Blueprints and jump right to locking in which NPCs you’ll take, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the value of the Blueprint in doing so. You can unlock as much as you want or can afford. The more you unlock, the more you’ll reap from your Grand Heist.

Revealed Blueprints will also indicate which rewards are available from Curio Displays (the final reward of each Heist) but you won’t be able to tell what rewards are in chests, lockers and side-rooms along the way. As a result, if you are specifically searching for one of the items exclusive to grand-heists, it might be possible to simply unveil the Curio Displays to farm for them, rather than needing to unveil the entire Blueprint each time.

You’ll have access to one Contract per area on average but the amount you get is affected by standard drop multipliers. You can get many per area in well-rolled maps. You’ll access a Blueprint for a Grand Heist approximately once per act or around every 12 maps.

Specialists (aka. Rogue Companions):

Inside the Rogue Harbour, you will be able to acquire the services of 13 different rogue companions (for the right price… of course), with a total of 9 different fields of expertise. To unlock them all, simply run all the contracts you can find! Bringing your Rogues on any mission has a random chance for them to bring a friend along, permanentely unlocking that friend as a new hireable Rogue in your Crew. Once a crew member has been unlocked, you are also able to get their respective special quest contract dropped in your maps or acts, in order to unlock the heist story fully and finish up your challenges!

Each Rogue has one main skill and up to three alternate skills. Their main skill is their specialty and has a higher experience cap than their secondary skills. Some Rogues share their skills however, so you will be able to mix/match your perfect squad to your hearts desire.

The Rogues will level up their skills as you bring them on heists, depending on which skills they had to use during said heist. In a normal heist (read: contracts), you will only be able to bring one rogue companion with you, while grand-heists will allow up to three rogues per wing.

As a reward for your heists, you will also sometimes acquire rogue-specific equipment, which will allow you to further specialise your Rogues for the heists to come.


For the first time in the history of Path of Exile, GGG has added a new equipment slot to the players’ characters: the trinket slot.

Heist features this new item-type as an exclusive grand-heist reward. They will vastly increase the amount of heist-specific rewards you will acquire, but can also, in rare situations, provide benefits to your play outside of the heists.

They drop exclusively corrupted and as such, cannot be crafted. If you don’t like the trinket you received, simply vendor it, sell it to another player or delete it.

Alternative Quality Gems:

Grand-Heists will also allow players to acquire over 900 new skill gems, which feature a reworked quality benefit. As you increase the quality of these gems, using Gemcutter’s Prisms, they will gain an entirely different bonus than their normal skill-gem counterparts.

The majority of these gems are not TOO interesting or impressive, but it is very apparent that SOME of them are extremely powerful and coveted by the community as a result already. In the future, a list will be compiled here, showing off the most coveted ones, once the economy of the softcore league has stabilised a little.

You can also create these gems yourself, to a certain degree, using a newly introduced, consumable currencies “Prime Regrading Lens” and “Secondary Regarding Lens”. Their exact functionality has not yet been determined.

Replica Unique Items:

Replica Unique items result from attempts to re-create unique items of legend, where the end product has a few crucial differences. They’re often appropriate for entirely different character builds than the original item and will be dropping in Grand-Heists exclusively as well.

Over 100 unique items will receive a Replica version in this league, which will provide a ton of additional character-building opportunities to the playerbase going forward.

New Item Base Types:

Experimented Base Types are a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts. These bases will come with very powerful mods already on them, but will also be entirely craftable, just like their non-experimental counterpart items.

Each weapon type will have a couple new base types, resulting in a ton of new bases to play, craft and experiment with!

The full list of all the new base types introduced in Heist league:

WandsDaggersOne-Handed SwordsRunic Daggers (?)
Assembler WandHollowpoint DaggerFlickerflame BladeShadow Fangs
Congregator WandPressurised DaggerFlashfire BladeMalign Fangs
Accumulator WandPneumatic DaggerInfernal BladeVoid Fangs
base types_1
One-Handed AxesSwordsOne-Handed MacesSceptres
Maltreatment AxeFickle SpiritbladeFlare HammerOscillating Sceptre
Disapprobation AxeCapricious SpiritbladeCrack HammerStabilising Sceptre
Psychotic AxeAnarchic SpiritbladeBoom HammerAlternating Sceptre
base types_2
BowsStaffWarstaffTwo-Handed Axes
Hedron BowTransformer StaffCapacity RodPrime Cleaver
Foundry BowAccumulator StaffPotentiality RodHoned Cleaver
Solarine BowBattery StaffEventuality RodApex Cleaver
base types_3
Two-Handed SwordsTwo-Handed MacesBeltAmulet
Rebuking BladeBlunt Force CondenserMicro-Distillery BeltAstrolabe Amulet
Blasting BladeCrushing Force MagnifierMechalarm BeltSimplex Amulet
Banishing BladeImpact Force Propagator
base types_4
RingShields (INT)Shields (DEX)Shields (STR)
Cogwork RingExhausting Spirit ShieldEndothermic BucklerExothermic Tower Shield
Geodisic RingSubsuming Spirit ShieldPolar BucklerMagmatic Tower Shield
Transfer-attuned Spirit ShieldCold-attuned BucklerHeat-attuned Tower Shield
base types_5

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