Path Of Exile Builds Guide: Chaos DoT Soulrend Trickster Builds

When the player enters the path of exile, the first thing is to build a character of his own. Here we will introduce an excellent build for everyone: Chaos DoT Soulrend Trickster Builds.

Path Of Exile Builds Guide: Chaos DoT Soulrend Trickster Builds

Pros and Cons

1. Pros

  • Incredible defensive stats
  • Requires no Uniques to function whatsoever
  • Therefore reasonably SSF-Viable
  • Sufficiently tanky through Block, ES, Dodge, EE on Block

2. Cons

  • Optimizing it for maximum damage can be hard in SSF
  • Never reaches obscene amounts of damage

Gem Links

1. Soulrend – Main Link (6-Link)

Awakened Gems are really strong for this build. Therefore, upgrading to them is pretty big and should be something you work towards fast as most of them aren’t that expensive. If you’re not running Dying Sun and / or a Helmet Enchant you might find it better to swap out Void Manipulation for Greater Multiple Projectiles Support while mapping and swap back on a boss.

  • Soulrend
  • Empower Support (level 4)
  • Awakened Swift Affliction Support
  • Awakened Controlled Destruction Support
  • Awakened Void Manipulation Support
  • Efficacy Support

2. Auras and Buffs

The build runs Malevolence for damage and Discipline for Energy Shield. Since you’re only running two Auras, you’re completing these sockets with a Vaal Blight which you should pop on bosses and an Enduring Cry to get you Endurance Charges. Keep the Enduring Cry on cooldown as much as possible and pop Vaal Blight on bosses to make them take increased damage.

  • Vaal Blight
  • Enduring Cry
  • Malevolence
  • Discipline

3. Cast when Damage Taken

Since you want as much mitigation as possible, you’re using a mediocraly-leveled Cast when Damage Taken Support to mitigate some incoming damage. Since you have a free socket in a 4-Link, this also is where you Vaal Righteous Fire buff goes. Make sure to pop Vaal Righteous Fire on bosses simultaneously with Vaal Blight for maximum DPS output.

  • Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 5)
  • Immortal Call (level 7)
  • Tempest Shield (level 10)
  • Vaal Righteous Fire

4. Immortal Call (level 7)

As Wither increases your damage tremendously but also requires constant casting to keep its uptime, you’re using a Spell Totem Support to cast it for you. Drop them on the boss before you start the fight so they keep applying wither to the boss as you hit and dodge!

  • Wither
  • Faster Casting Support
  • Spell Totem Support
  • Multiple Totems Support (level 3)

5. Mobility #1

Because there’s a ton of downtime when fighting, and because it’s not necessarily much worse than the second mobility skill you’re using, you should use Shield Charge regularly as it is linked to the Fortify Support.

  • Shield Charge (as high as you have Strength for)
  • Fortify Support
  • Faster Attacks Support

6. Mobility #2

As Shield Charge doesn’t get you over ledges, Flame Dash comes to the rescue. You want to use this once every 5-10 Seconds to maintain the Arcane Surge Support buff! This should be your movement skill of choice while Shield Charging once every couple of seconds to keep up the Fortify. Make sure not to over level Arcane Surge as you want it to go off every time you cast a Flame Dash.

  • Flame Dash
  • Arcane Surge Support (level 7)
  • Second Wind Support

Gear Summary

Item SlotItem Name
Head Crown of the Inward Eye
AmuletCitrine Amulet with +2 to Int / Chaos Skills
ChestSadist Garb with as much Evasion and Energy Shield as possible
GlovesSorcerer Gloves with Chaos DoT Multi and as much Energy Shield as possible
BootsSorcerer Boots with Movement Speed and as much Energy Shield as possible
BeltBated Breath
RingsRare rings with Energy Shield, Mana, Mana Regeneration and Attributes
WeaponRare Wand with +1(or2) to Spell Skills, Chaos DoT Multi and DoT Multiplier
ShieldRare Titanium Spirit Shield with Energy Shield when you Block and as much Energy Shield as possible

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