The Best Starter Builds For Path Of Exile 3.14 (Ultimatum)

On April 17, 2021, at 10 p.m., the Ultimatum League in Path of Exile will start together with Patch 3.14. As always, there is a special mechanic in the latest season, this time the Trialmaster invites you to risky arena fights that promise plenty of loot – if you are good enough.

As with every start of a new league, we present you again some of the best starters’ builds for the new season. So if you want to take a closer look at the somewhat complicated but extremely fun action RPG, we will provide you with the right skill from the community for every type of player.

What is a starter build anyway?

Many experienced PoE players recommend starting each new season with a “League Starter Build”. These builds have the advantage that they are easy to level and work without extremely expensive items. If special unique items are required for a build, these can be obtained relatively cheaply by trading with other players.

With our seven featured builds, you will reach the endgame more easily, so that you can farm strong items and currency on the maps. These in turn finance your equipment for twink characters, who can be min-maxed even better.

Recommend: Some Buildings Techniques

Path of Building will help you

Path of Building is a program with which you can plan your PoE builds down to the smallest detail.

Freezing Pulse Hierophant (Templar)

As always, we recommend a totem build for the Ultimatum League, because this is one of the simplest builds in the whole game and is especially suitable for newcomers and those returning to the game.

With 3.14 the Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant works just as well as in the previous patches. The bottom line is that the build loses a few percentage points of damage due to the Exposure Nerf, but all skills that rely on elemental damage will have to contend with this season. As always, the Frost Totem Build is still a good choice.

The high AoE damage that you can deal out with this build is particularly worthwhile for the new Echoes of the Atlas expansion, as the focus is more on mapping again – so a good Clear Speed ​​is very helpful.

Thanks to its simple gameplay, the build is particularly suitable for players who are trying out PoE for the first time or who have no previous experience with similar action RPGs. Also, it is extremely cheap and works very well even with rare (yellow) items.

However, the Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant also relies on one of the most unspectacular game variants that PoE has to offer: You set up your totems, they fire at all nearby opponents and you only have to collect the loot.


  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Very good clear speed due to high AoE damage
  • Works very well even with rare (yellow) items


  • Weak single-target damage, but it was buffed with 3.12
  • Playing style can get boring in the long run
  • Endgame bosses are comparatively difficult to do

Enki’s Arc Witch

Anyone who has searched the official Path of Exile forum for a suitable build in the past will almost certainly have stumbled upon Enki’s Arc Witch.

The build is easy to explain: With your witch, all you have to do is stand still, cast the chain lightning spell Arc non-stop, and thus cause millions in damage. Due to the high surface damage, the build is particularly suitable for maps, which will again play a more important character in the new expansion.

There are no bigger nerfs, but just like the Freezing Pulse Hierophant, the Arc Witch loses a few percentage points of damage, since the Arc Witch is naturally also based on elemental damage.


  • very cheap to build
  • very easy to play
  • good damage scaling


  • not all map modifiers possible
  • needs some unique items

Slow-Mo Gunslinger (Witch)

The build works like this: He plays like a normal caster, only that his spells summon servants who attack your enemies of their own accord – so even the exact aiming is no longer necessary. Everything else – such as cursing opponents or activating defensive spells – happens fully automatically.

Despite the greatly simplified style of play, the build is strong enough to complete the endgame, i.e. the atlas, with only weak items.


  • only needs a single button
  • There is no more relaxed way to get through the endgame
  • does not require any expensive items
  • 100 percent chaos damage


  • monotonous style of play

Ball Lightning Miner Saboteur (Shadow)

Mine-based builds are a little more difficult to play, which is why we’ve happily avoided them in our starter builds in the past. However, the so-called miners in previous leagues were extremely powerful, so they simply belong on this list.

Miners are therefore more challenging to play because we first throw our mines at the opponents and then have to ignite them with an additional keystroke – in combination with consuming our potions, this can lead to quite a »button mashing.

However, the mines themselves do not cause any damage, after all, we have to combine another skill with them, which is then triggered by the mines – here you use the lightning spell Ball Lightning.


  • Incredible single-target damage against bosses
  • Shock, inflame, hypothermia, and freeze opponents
  • Nearby enemies are blinded
  • Can handle all map mods
  • Any content can be completed, even the toughest endgame bosses
  • Strong defensive capabilities
  • Easy to equip, but also with strong upgrade potential


  • Equipment for the end game can be very expensive
  • The gameplay is more challenging as it requires more buttons than other builds

Earthquake Juggernaut (Marauder)

The build relies on the damage-over-time effect of “bleeding”: Earthquake is one of the best, if not the best, melee ability for bleeding, as it hits twice, with the second hit (the aftershock) causing 150% more damage.

In 3.14, Earthquake becomes significantly stronger again: The Vaal variant of the skill gets a big buff in which the base damage and the number of aftershocks have been increased.

The EQ Juggernaut is not the fastest build, but it offers a high level of defense and only requires a few, very cheap unique items to develop its full potential – an ideal starter build for all fans of the barbarian in Diablo.


  • Extremely difficult to kill thanks to high HP, up to 90 percent damage reduction and Overleech
  • Requires only a few, inexpensive unique items
  • Very mobile, opponents just bleed to death while you keep walking


  • Sacrifices potential damage for his strong defense
  • You have to trade with other players, as the build requires two (inexpensive) unique items
  • The damage-over-time play style isn’t for everyone

Necro Skeleton Mages (Witch)

As always, we are introducing a pure Summoner build again this time – ideal for everyone who liked to play the necromancer in Diablo 2.

Instead of the “King of all Summoners”, this time we recommend the Necro Skeleton Mage Build by Odif. Instead of a wild mix of zombies and other undead, this one only relies on skeleton magicians.

The build is great for the new Ultimatum League, as we regularly have to fight in small arenas here. So all you have to do is survive while your servants take out the enemies with elemental magic.


  • ideal for league mechanics such as Breach, Legion, or the new ultimatum
  • very beginner-friendly, easy to play
  • creates even red maps with cheap items


  • Big problems with cards that have the Elemental Reflect modifier
  • Summoner play style is not for everyone

What’s new with PoE 2?

As you probably know, developer Grinding Gear Games has been working on the official successor Path of Exile 2, which was announced at ExileCon 2019, for some time. It should be ready by next year at the latest and we can finally play the long-awaited title ourselves – at least in a beta version.

When we build, we need to use a lot of Poe currency. Now Path of Exile 3.14 has started, so we need to obtain the required Poe currency in the shortest time. The best way is to buy Poe currency online.

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