How To Dunk In NBA 2K23?

How To Dunk In NBA 2K23?

Compared to NBA 2K22, 2K23 has a lot of optimization and game options and other new features added. I believe players will have a lot of new experiences, such as the dunking aspect. Here to bring you the NBA 2K23 new dunking operation guide, come to understand it.

NBA 2K23 dunking operation guide

The new commands in NBA 2K23 allow us to extend the dunking controls. Players can dunk as they wish without making unexpected dunking moves.

NBA 2K23 dunking requirements

The new rocker dunking controls while holding the dunk trigger button and driving to the basket is as follows.

RIGHTStrong Hand
LEFTWeak Hand
DOWNRim Hang
UP-UPFlashy Two-Hand
DOWN-UPFlashy One-Hand
UP-DOWNNormal Skill Dunk with meter
DOWN-DOWNRim Hang Skill Dunk with meter

Some new animations have been added to the dunk, such as the Rim Hang animation. You have to be careful with it in NBA 2K23 because it can lead to technical fouls.

How to hang on to the basket?

You’ll notice in the new controls that you can now control the hanging basket. For next-gen players, the producers have taken this control to a whole new level by taking the hanging basket to a whole new level through physics simulation. You can decide when and how to hang on to the basket.

The mechanics are simple, use one of the new hanging basket dunk positions mentioned above when running to the basket, but hold down the sprint trigger button when the player’s hand makes contact with the basket.

As long as it is held down, you can hang indefinitely. You can use the left stick to adjust how much you swing your body, and the right stick to pull yourself up to the basket. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Basketball City. But if you hang for too long in an NBA game, watch out for technical fouls.

We are now less than a month away from the release of this game and we should be ready for it. If you want to get an edge in this game, then you need to buy MT NBA 2k23. MT is a virtual currency in NBA 2K23 that can be used to buy almost everything.

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